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D.A.M. Good Total Solutions Accessory Design, Manufacture, Permitting, Installation, Security Interface and Extended Warranty

Eliminate the expense, communication and disconnect between design, prototyping, and production firms.
At D.A.M., the design and production teams work together in real time... no phone calls, no emails, no delays.
Issues, questions, changes.... they get addressed immediately!

D.A.M. looks forward to adding you, to our track record of providing prompt, valuable and high quality solutions.

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2720 Aiello Drive, Suite A, San Jose, CA, 95111

Tel: (408) 224-6494
Fax: (408) 224-5394

graphic Custom Industrial Pedestal Stands for Electric Charging stations
Just one example shown here is for a Coulomb Technologies CT500 ChargePoint® Networked Charging Station

graphic Dual Drive Hub with Disc
This model, built for Pipelyne Manufacturing The purpose was to replace the “Spoke Mount Style Drive Sprocket” (standard with many motorized bicycle kits) with a solution that could standup the riggers of Powered Mountain Biking Please see in action on YouTube

graphic This model, built for Universal Vaporizer Support
They required the designing and manufacturing of their vision of a portable, stable, and cost effective vaporizer stand... the Versa Versatile Anesthesia System... a reality.


Quality Products!

For a Game Manufacturer we increased the quality production rate from 60% to 100% over the competition.

The design and manufacture of a state of the art rotary wake board part, now incorporated as an O.E.M. option.

Design of an extrusion, peripheral-connector end-plates and mounting system to reduce a customers cost on housing a total solution for PC-104.

Production and utilization of AVI files to improve and ensure quality control and time to completion of installations and configurations.


Satellite Communications, Telecommunications, Biomedical Technology, Marine Recreation, Computer Manufacturing, Thermal Spray Mask Tooling, Military Components, Consumer Electronics, Gaming Devices, Sport Bike replacement parts & tools.


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Recomended CAD Software: SolidWorks


2720 Aiello Drive, Suite A, San Jose, CA, 95111

Tel: (408) 224-6494
Fax: (408) 224-5394

References available upon request with receipt of your quotation

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